lets all convert to hinduism

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    @Eucalyptus not going to convert. buddism is already enough.

  • @Eucalyptus TM always see you better than that 💃


    @TheRisingSun Same thing

  • @Yea33 I understand your intention, no worries. I am not offended, in fact, clearing doubts for others is a good thing.
    Ghazwa-e-Hind I think you mean? It is like the huge battle which is going to happen in the Sub-Continent.
    Well you must understand a few things:
    Quran is the absolute word of God, so it cannot be wrong.
    Hadeeth are the traditions or sayings of the Prophet, but they can be wrong, perhaps due to some people intentionally spreading corruption in it. Our Scholars of the past have done great work to weed out the false Hadeeth from the True ones.

    Now that you understand this, this battle is not in the Quran. So now there is a chance that it can be wrong. It is from the Hadeeth, and the Hadeeth do not mention it clearly, they just say that a huge battle of Muslims and Non-Muslims would occur there, something like this. So perhaps maybe it has already occurred? The Hadeeth is too ambiguous that we take its pinpoint meaning of Ghazwa-e-Hind.
    Since it is too ambiguous, we should just sit back and see what happens rather than making blind guesses.
    I hope it clears some of your doubts.
    Feel free to ask anything else!

  • @Fahad-Hassan is killing people "good" according to quran?


    @Fahad-Hassan Sooo basically if you follow the verses and you follow the traditions of the prophet and you make sure you heed all the details of the Quran verses, you become a Khawarij? Which is something bad? Am I getting this right? 🤔

  • @Eucalyptus You are twisting and over-simplifying what I am saying.
    No. 1: I said they cherry pick verses, i.e they don't follow the whole Quran. For example the Quran in one verse says to kill non-believers, they only quote that verse only. However the context was that the Ayat (verse) was revealed during a war. Furthermore, the word non-believers was used to refer to their enemies, not all non-believers in the world. It is the same as if the Americans referred to their enemies in WWII as Japanese, like "Kill the Japs!" like this and not "Kill the Imperial Japanese Army!", I think you get what I mean.

    No. 2: Following the Hadith, by that I meant they only follow the things they want, its like No. 1, you can see what I mean.

    These Khawarij think that they are following Islam however they are clearly misguided.

    You said heed "all the details", now I think you can see what I meant, I am saying they do not heed all the details, they do follow some, but partially, which causes problems.

  • @Eucalyptus you stupid holy fucking beef steak ?? Do you eat beef?? Any way you are talking completely shit from your mouth and voices from your ass ok you should all convert to hindhu ...well done you stupid _____ fill in the blanks as it suits for you ... now what which God I need to belive in if I convert and what category I will belong schedule cast who pick brahamans shit and wipe thier ass to be born as brahaman in next life?? R u fucking serious ?? You have no clue what ypu day for yourself read some books and understand it . . You think Bhawath getha and ramayana is true yes of course in imaginary world of valmiki a crook head and I think he wanted to save his ass from death penalty so he came up with story with fear and greed ... oh poor boy grow up and take things as it is ??

  • @knownsense stfu and bend over daddy

  • @thinkerman I have been thinking for myself, that is the reason why I am still Muslim. My parents never forced me to pray regularly, never forced me to be pious.
    I came to Islam and started following it properly eventually, my parents didn't push me, no one forced me. There were times I was going to leave, but every time I found an answer. I have spent so much time, and given in so much effort to get answer to everything, any doubts. I have been thinking, quite a lot.


    @The-Mods you're no prophet 😂

  • @Eucalyptus I know 😂 and there are no Eucas but only 1 😉


    @The-Mods and there are several mods, and you're not one of them 🤪

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    @The-Mods it grows on people naturally in todays society. At least the ones who got a brain.

  • @knownsense Religion is what binds people even up to this day.
    Although, politicians use this as a means for block voting in some countries.

    Ancient? Even the christian bible has undergone revisions, the quran, do you think the vedict texts in hinduism did not undergoe revisions since its first creation? I mean, these "ancient" text has been passed down for generations and probably changed!

    You're not making any sense. Just convert to hinduism.

  • @therisingsun


  • @bye69 well, iam not having a argument with you I am having a conversation...please read some more books to get more info and have your home work with research and facts, you are not able to think out of the circle you trying to find a corner inside a circle, you are in a small bubble inside a circle so ?? No point, until you expand your mind to be wise and understand the knowledge to gain wisdom.. all religious text is manipulated and changed a lot in time, yo are right
    I do agree, accept Quran that's Islam not Muslim. I think you should convert to Islam because text is not changed or manipulated its still intact, since the beginning..so why you think hindhu is most superior than any sect group or religion ?? Rather than accepting as it is without likes and dislikes very passively calm way??
    So please answer my question
    R u born hindhu? If yes what cast?
    If you converted to hindhu which cast you choose to be?? Low schedule cast? Again there is no unity between hindhu because of cast ! So yeah I convert adopt a religion where there is unity among themselves..
    Religion is done to control lower understanding mind, with fear and greed.. mainly to feel good about for themselves, every individual being like to belong some where in group to feel safe and protected, so nice to join a sect, cult, religion, community.. or what ever group you like.. basically you do not know how to live life and behave with other being around you i guess??
    So you need a religion which is not your ideology to comfort yourself, do not matter if it is hurting another being around you.. with your stupid borrowed ideas from ancient being which is gone and dusted in past..

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