What to Expect from Magic Mushrooms?

  • When taking a recreational dose of magic mushrooms, this experience is meant to take you inwards into the recesses of your mind, almost bringing you in-tune with your primal instincts. At the same, all that’s around you will become pronounced in its form and colors; when you are on shrooms you will see patterns and shapes of all that is around you, like never before.

    Whereas, if you opt for a lower dose it, it will not be as gleeful and bigger than life as the above dose, but it will still be very therapeutic. You will experience an elated sense of creativity and awareness of your own self and wellbeing.

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    @nupepshrooms There's a lot I really find confusing about mushrooms besides their hydroponic set up and and different varieties leaving me with an in ability to distinguish which are poisonous and not lol. Am not so experienced with mushrooms I confess. To add on that, in my area I believe most people have a perception that they only got from the bush and grow on their own and the technicality of how it can be grown and to generate income for sustainability still remains a mystery to unveil. Why?? I had that perception too in my younger stages coz I only used to see them in the market and thought they just picked from the bush with nobody farming them🤣🤣🤣. This is definitely a lucrative business but under exploited yet it offers little competition to other crops and given their hydroponic nature so farmers are always assured of stable supply. Thank you for sharing.

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