• Medieval Humor: "Killer bunnies"
    Silent Gen Humor: "Boneless Bananas"
    Boomer Humor: "I hate my wife"
    Millennial Humor: "I hate my life"
    Gen Z Humor: Lord Marquaad E

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    @Vicious-Retard From the trend of the homunculus, yes, it was good to create such bizzar art to have something to laugh about but I believe some are now against various modern denominations of certain religions and have been banned. That, I think was from the painter of the fat baby faces in the centuries prior and it became the trend in the following centuries, many artists taking it to other religions they were against. This could explain why it reached Christianity to some point. I've seen enough miscellaneous drawings explaining various things but my take on that Bizzar showdown hidden within various margins of manuscripts of knights fighting snails, taken as a joke of their armor could have a lot to do with the beginning of the 1789 French Revolution. This is coz there was 3 class devisions and the peasants weren't happy with how the knights mistreated them together with the Nobles and Clergy. Thank you for sharing such useful information.

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