• ngobrolgame - Tired of playing games using a cellphone with a small monitor? Relax, there is a way out, here ~ It's called an Android emulator.

    What's tuch?

    The emulator allows you to run Android operating mechanisms right from the desktop.

    Compared to cellphones — even tablets once — of course, this emulator monitor becomes bigger. More relieved ~

    In addition, hardware such as mice and keyboards are automatically matched and there is minimal lag. This makes the Android emulator a great choice for gamers and developers. The operation is more flexible.

    Nach, this article will discuss further about a complete Android emulator with a list of the best references that you can try right away. Want to know? Read it until it's finished!

    3 Special Roles of the Android Emulator

    Before entering the reference, let's take a look at its core role! There are at least three striking points, including:

    1. Smooth gaming

    Currently, there are many cellphones specifically made for gaming purposes. However, no matter how great it is, playing games on a small monitor is sometimes still unhappy.

    Not to mention that some games are easier to play on the desktop.

    The Android emulator takes care of that problem. You don't need to bother thinking about using batteries to the obligation to upgrade devices such as changes in technology so that you are not slow. Save on a few things, tuch!

    Enjoy it again, some emulators are intended for gaming. Call it LD Player, BlueStack, KoPlayer, Nox, and others.

    1. Make it easy for program developers to work

    Except for having fun through gaming, program developers also benefit from this Android emulator.

    Program and game developers obviously need tools to test their programs regularly before launching.

    Generally, they will take advantage of Android Studio and the Android Software Development Kit which already have complete features in them. However, the arrival of other emulators is still useful.

    1. Helping productivity

    Because it is based on Android, the emulator currently available can be used to install most programs from the Play Store.

    You can adjust it according to the needs related to what program you want to install. You can't add social media programs here. So that they are only on your cellphone, so there is minimal destruction, dech!

    10+ Best Android Emulator Reference

    Without the need to go back long, here are the best Android emulator references. Except for a brief explanation, you will know the advantages of each emulator.

    1. BlueStack

    It would be a lie if you have never heard of BlueStack. This is the world's most popular Android emulator!

    The current BlueStack upgrade focuses on gaming. However, you can still use it to place other PlayStore programs.

    This emulator is really easy to install. You just have to open the official website and there will be an installer. Just like with your desktop operating mechanism.

    BlueStack provides support for keyboard mapping settings, but it's still not good enough for setting gestures.


    • Easy installation
    • Provides multi-account support
    • Enough gaming performance


    • Less optimized gesture settings
    • There is a sponsor advertisement

    Price: available versus free and premium at US $ 24

    1. GameLoop

    This emulator was originally called Tencent Gaming Buddy. It subsequently evolved to become one of the best Android emulators due to limited support for Call of Duty Mobile.

    As the name implies, he only concentrates on the Android games factor. So if your direction is not for gaming, GameLoop can be skipped first.


    • Integrative mouse and keyboard are great
    • Perform games provide satisfaction
    • A legitimate partner of Call of Duty and PUBG


    • Not suitable for testing Android programs

    Price: free

    1. LD Player

    download ldplayer 2021 as a new player in the world of Android emulators. However, he optimistically admits that he has agile gaming performance and optimization.

    This emulator provides keyboard mapping support, gamepad, high-fps gaming, and others.

    Besides that, with LD you can open several games and programs simultaneously. It also has a RAM and CPU designation feature based on usage.


    • Has a feature designation of RAM and CPU
    • Easy shortcut access


    • The mobile emulator only exists for Windows

    Price: free

    1. Nox

    This emulator can be used to connect all Android programs, but it's best suited for heavy gaming. PUBG to Justice League can be brushed easily. It wouldn't be strange if some people put Nox at the top of the list for gaming emulators.

    You can do keyboard mapping and provide support for using a mouse and gamepad. Not only that, the keyboard keys can also be assigned for gestures! Nox provides setup support to root virtual devices.
    Unfortunately, this emulator consumes a lot of desktop memory and is still using the old Android version. Finally, he participated in the sponsorship advertisement in the program.


    • Support mapping controllers
    • Easy for rooting
    • Nice UI


    • There is a sponsor advertisement
    • Heavy program
    • Versus ancient Android

    Price: free with ads in it

    1. MEmu

    This emulator was first launched in 2015. One of the plus points of MEmu is its support for AMD or Nvidia chips.

    The gaming quality is the same as Nox and BlueStack. He is suitable for playing games like Ingress to Pokémon Go.

    Besides that MEmu also has a choice versus the Android you want to use, starting from Jelly Bean, KitKat, to Lollipop. You can install a variety of productivity programs without problems here.


    • Provides AMD and Nvidia support
    • There are settings for virtual positions and Google Map


    • Versus ancient Android
    • Not suitable for heavy games

    Price: free

    1. KO Player

    KO Player is a light android emulator that has the prospect of operating Android games with minimal lag. Aliases don't drain your desktop memory.


    In terms of consumption, KO is considered light. Unfortunately sometimes he suddenly freezes when it is being used. There are many updates that need to be implemented. However, it is still the right fit for an alternative emulator.


    • Simple UI
    • Easy and easy to install


    • There are lots of bugs
    • Not maximal in gaming usage

    Price: free

    1. Genymotion

    Genymotion is quite different from the others. The previous emulators were more inclined towards gaming, but this one is towards the developers.

    He allows you to do testing programs that are made. In it there are several kinds of complete virtual devices with different versions of the Android.

    Enjoy it again, Genymotion is compatible with the Android SDK and Android Studio and can be reached via macOS as well as Linux.


    • Provides Android Studio support
    • Can run on macOS and Linux
    • Have a lot versus Android


    • Expensive
    • Not suitable for regular users

    Price: available versus trial and premium at US $ 136 / year

    1. Android Studio

    His name has been flicked many times, here. So Android Studio is a mechanism issued by Google directly. It is used for enhancing Android-based programs.

    Therefore, it is provided with several tools and plugins to help several developers in creating and testing programs that are created.

    Android Studio has an emulator that has built-in aliases built in. However, in terms of features, the emulator is not as detailed as Genymotion's.


    • Google legit emulator
    • Regular update


    • Setup is quite difficult
    • Not for regular users

    Price: free

    1. Remix OS

    The difference between Remix from other emulators is that it runs like a standalone operating mechanism even though it is based on Android. You have to install it on a separate partition — usually on a flash drive — and do it boot yourself.

    Remix is ​​really suitable for productive activities and not suitable for gaming. Its appearance has been disassembled in such a way that it resembles a normal desktop operating mechanism.


    • Similar appearance to the desktop operating mechanism
    • Suitable for productivity programs


    • Support up-date has been stopped

    Price: free

    1. Prime OS

    If you are compatible with Remix OS, you can check out Prime OS as well. He uses a separate partition for booting.

    Compared to Remix, gaming performance on Prime feels better. But, just like Remix, it's the best for those of you who want to experience Android versus desktop. The UI is pleasing to the eye. He can be called the enemy of BlueStack, dech!


    • Nice UI
    • Provides multi-window support
    • Desktop appearance


    • The gaming quality is adequate but not the best

    Price: free

    1. ARChon

    ARChon is quite different from other emulators. So it runs as an extension on Google Chrome.

    Nach, once installed, you will be able to run Android programs and games there. Due to its character as an extension, it is certain that its strength is very limited. And many return programs for which the odds didn't match.

    However, ARChon is still worth trying because it runs on the Chrome browser so that it can be reached through the operating mechanism.


    • Runs on the browser as an extension


    • Minimal program support
    • Limited compatibility

    Price: free

    1. Xamarin

    If you need emulator development except Android Studio, try Xamarin.

    The two features are similar, but Xamarin is compatible with Microsoft Visual Studio. This means that you will have options for alternative tools and plugins while upgrading the program being made.

    Xamarin is free for individual use.


    • Compatible with Microsoft Visual Studio
    • Has alternative tools and plugins


    • Not suitable for regular users

    Price: free

    So Which Android Emulator is Your Option?

    Wow, apparently there are so many references to the best Android emulator that you can try? Currently, I have an alternative so that playing the game is not only on a small monitor ~

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