Male 18 Looking For For Someone To End Their Life Or A Sex Chat With The Opposite Sex (Whatever Comes First.)

  • Hey. I'm a 18 year old male. I'm fat, black and ugly. I am aware of this and wishing for someone either give me tips to end my own life, do it themselves, or encourage me not to. I am also obviously looking for a sexual partner (Not like anyone would want to look at my small cock) HMU if you're interested in any of those things.

  • Hi.
    I got two things to say for you.
    First, the only people who end their own life are either terminally ill and in pain, or mentally ill. I think you are not terminally ill, so if you are serious about ending your life, you are mentally ill and need external help. Period.

    Second, if you aren't on the edge of wanting to end your life, well I have good news for you. You are 18. Fucking damn shit 18 years old. Do you know how many people want to go back to their teens? Or even twenties? Heck if I could be 18 again I would do almost anything.
    My point is, you may be fat black and ugly (and black isn't bad), but you are young. And youth is a very powerful asset. Many things in the world needs years to accomplish. And you have more of it than most people.

    And I'm a straight male so can't help you with sex.

  • I want sexx

  • Banned


    Hello my name is Ellie. I’m 18, I have blonde hair and blue eyes. For £25 I will do whatever you want me to!! That means all your fetishes you want to see 😉 IAdd my snap if interested, queenellie111 (you have to pay threw cashapp or PayPal)

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