• I live with my bf, we both suffer from depression, both had previous relationships which broke us significantly. I want our relationship to work. He tells me he likes me more than anything on this world but does not love me nor will love me as he can't forget his ex gf. He also tells me he wants to live alone and spend the rest of his life alone, I would be the last girl ever in his life and he can't do this anymore. I want things to work and live a happy life. He makes me feel special and I am the happiest when I am with him. He also tells me that nothing makes him safer than hugging me tight. Any advice how I can get things work for long term. Would really appreciate your kind and sensible advice. Thanks.

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    @fairyblossom20 eh he is just playing with your feelings nothing else 😑

  • @Ash005 that's really sad. But I felt he is also going through depression and needed help.

  • I'm sorry, but it won't work out with someone who "does not love me nor will love me as he can't forget his ex gf" or someone who "wants to live alone and spend the rest of his life alone". He either needs to get over his shit or you need to move on for your own good. Good luck...

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    @fairyblossom20 he can use depression as an excuse , do not fall in that trap and I m pretty sure that he is playing with u . Leave him and get a better life

  • @fairyblossom20 he said he "does not love me nor will love me". Depression or not, these words seem like a pretty strong warning to me. I know you've invested into this relationship and perhaps it's hard to give that up but I reckon it's time to cut your losses. I hope you can find a guy that will tell you he loves you and back it up with the way he treats you.

  • What an intense and touching story. First of all, don't try to make him fall in love with you. Love happens, it comes looking for you, it should not be forced. If your boyfriend is depressed and you force him to do something he will think that you are trying to "fix" him, make him the way you want him, and eventually he won't feel accepted. He is with you, because he wants to be with you, I think he is exactly where he wants to be and with whom he wants .. or he would have already left. Depression is a dark evil, only you two know your past, but while you have found the positive strength to want to overcome, the dark times, he is probably just afraid, afraid of being hurt, abandoned (he would prefer loneliness). His is probably a silent cry for help. Love him and accept him for what he is and above all be patient, talk about everything, be natural, find something to do with him that is only yours and his .. if you really love him, this love will bear fruit. From the bottom of my heart, I wish you both much happiness. And I'll give you a red tulip, a symbol of true love .. give it to him too :)

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