How to get laid or have a girlfriend when hideous (updated Feb. 2021)

  • I am a 23-year-old deadbeat with his parents. I might have autism. I have been seeing a therapist but mostly on my perversions and weird habits with limited success. I am using the state to assisting me in finding employment and housing but with also limited success(I still, live with my elderly parent). Albeit, I have medicare, I still did not find a doctor to parents' resistance and life getting in the way. The same can be said with the military(a part of me thinks that the military will fix me, making me no longer an effeminate loser, thus finding more success with the ladies) Well anyway, I still have terrible eyesight, autism, mediocre hearing, an IQ of 70, arthritis, memory loss, lightheadedness, mental illness, etc. Another thing is I am still very physically unfit. No matter how much I work out I am still weak. In fact, I make the average girl scout look like Chuck Norris. And in addition, I am morbidly obese because of my medication. Sometimes I think am happier with being alone(80% of modern "women" are not worth it) and pretending nothing is wrong while many nights I wish I had a female companion. Sorry for the whiny girly post!


  • This post is deleted!

  • @D1Vine sorry

  • 😔😔😔 happy ever

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