IMF suggests that your credit score could be based on your internet history

  • The fast-growing world of fintech may eventually develop to the point where your credit score is based on your internet history. A new blogpost on the International Monetary Fund (IMF) blog draws attention to this potential privacy nightmare detailed by a research paper titled: Financial Intermediation and Technology: What’s Old, What’s New? The paper highlights that the proliferation of technology in the modern world has created new sources of “soft data” which could be used for credit worthiness. The paper highlights that some tech companies (think: ISPs, Facebook, Google, Apple, etc) have enough soft data about customers to potentially determine credit worthiness the same way that banks use hard data such as proven income, employment status, assets, etc.


  • That's invasion of privacy. We are under full surveillance. It's to control us, make sure we aren't looking up info that goes against what we are told by our media. Untraceable web browsers will be illegal :crazy_face: Well, I guess I don't have to pay any of my bills at all as long as I search the correct terms. My creditworthiness will reward me. I can have a better score with the correct amount of debt than no debt at all :joy:

  • @Vicious-Retard The credit score system is already sketchy. What happens to them when they fall out line with their credit score?

  • @kaia_ a person will be shunned

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