I haven't had sex in a year 😭

  • Its been at most a year since i last had sex.
    A month ago i had a sexual encounter that almost led to sex. My friend and i called some girls over drunk smoked weed and then we put music on i pulled one of the girls(lucy) towards me. She started grinding her ass onto my already hard dick. I then led her to sit on my lap while grinding. She brought her tits on my face where i felt she didn't have bra on. I started touching her naked breasts from under her shirt which only covered her tits. I pulled one of her tit and started sucking on it, she really loved it. I then started working my way to her panties which i pulled aside and inserted my finger deep into her then waited for her to stop me but she didn't. I then continued fingering her to the rythm of her hips thrusting back and forth. She got really wet and some of her pussy juices started pouring out. Things were going well untill her friend signalled them to leave. This is the closest i got to having sex last year .

  • Banned

    @cicada33 u want sex?

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