• What if you could wipe the slate clean and emerge as an entirely new you? No baggage, no history. As we sit here on a drizzly English morning, tapping out these words on a crumb covered keyboard, it all sounds very tempting indeed…

    You too can completely disappear and never be found. Just like this bloke.
    You too can disappear and never be found. Just like this bloke.

    Like the 70s classic sitcom character Reginald Perrin, it is possible to disappear completely and never be found; emerging with a new identity. But you have to get it right.

    You only hear about the people who fail at this; John Darwin – “the Canoe man” – who faked his death for half a million quid in life insurance. Then there was fallen Serb despot Radon Karadzic, who evaded war crimes charges for a decade with a new name, a bushy beard and a job as a faith healer…

    All of these characters committed “pseudocide” to evade the law; they disappeared and changed their names. But we’re staying on the right side of the boys in blue here. All the advice we’ll give you is 100% legal and designed to help you reboot your current life for one that’s more awesome.



  • LurkersForLife Chocolate Lovers ;) The Broken Banned

    @Vicious-Retard idk... just got on a boat row into the deep sea, the jump🤷

  • @Vicious-Retard You can do something similar and legally if you join the french foreign legion

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