K sooo i have this problem about my guy best friend. can someone give me some advice what to do about it?

  • okay this is not exactly like a romantic relationship thing.
    i have this guy best friend who's been there with me in really tough situations. let his name be ronald weasley. now its was like i had these two
    friends who were girls and he did not like one of them. also only he and i were close in this group of four. i hanged out with group of guy friends all the time chatted from the side while they were playing football n all. n also ronald had a long distance relationship with a girl from 7 years. only i knew about this. i dont think about him romantically but i really do love him like a bro. people made rumors of us being a couple becoz we were really close. we are not really encoraged to have a relationship where i live so that was a bad thing. where i my family and his family knew we were just friends and also his mom adores me he cares about what ppl think. hence he started distancing himself. i got angry with him for this but we were fine. the we had a big fight about the girl he didnt like in the group. then we both stopped talking to each other. a few weeks later we started speaking again but i started being really cold. he told his girlfriend broke up with him and that he was heartbroken. but that specific day i was very angry at him and started scolding him for being a shit person. he got angry and said i have changed and that i was not good like before and was cursing a lot and that i dont care about him coz i didnt ask how he was after the break up. i admit it was my fault here. but we did not speak for several months after this. during that i realised i was the only person trying to make an effort in our friendship i was always the first person to try to speak like i was always the first person to call if we have a fight. now we totally ignore each other when we see eachother and act like stangers. i always get tears in my eyes when i see him. today was new year i was right there in front of him and he didnt wish me. last year i called him at 12 he didnt do it even then. but we wished each other at exactly 12 last year. im really heart broken. should i be the first one to go talk to him this time or should i wait for him only to reach me out. if you have any other advice please give me. im very sad.

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