Fuck life, I wanna die!!

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    What a wonderful day , Hearing all the pain from the others
    Everytime it think about it, it hurts, feelings are so deep
    I wish to become a child again. I miss myself, the moment,
    When I was a child seeing my father and mother both love each other,
    getting those small things that makes me so happy and not colder,
    Just enjoyable days happens as a child that will not happen today
    Because today , all the happiest things become confusion
    Writing this poem , falling tears , can't find a way or a solution.
    Maybe I'm at the breaking point where I don't care about my life anymore,
    I just want to end my life , so I can escape from the pain that keeps killing me.
    I just want to end this sh*t that makes me more uncomfortable of becoming ME.

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