Back to the future.. this will make you question your future.

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    The year is 2285
    Everyone is getting high
    It’s all about high profile
    To live is to die
    No more prison and trial
    A free world to compile
    All your sins will fly
    .The judgment is yours to consider
    Money for nothing to ponder
    Distance yourself further
    No retreat and no surrender
    The going will get wilder
    The tough will get weaker
    The ozone layer became thinner
    .The icebergs had landed
    Low lying lands became embedded
    Like thrusting a knife that is jagged
    Seems like most parts are flooded
    Highlands are barricaded
    Population intakes are limited
    To survive is to be restricted
    .Who’s the poor and who’s the richest?
    It’s a taboo to say and yet superstitious
    To be in power would be the strongest
    Sharing your power could be the longest
    To live that long is tremendous
    And the poor would become notorious
    To be left out as the monotonous
    .Global warming has taken its toll
    It’s not like walking in the park to stroll
    The heat could penetrate even your soul
    No more south and north pole
    Your best next home is in the hole

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