The Simpsons: Why Frank Grimes Is the Show's Most Controversial Character

  • With over seven hundred episodes, The Simpsons is full of minor characters who disappeared after only one appearance. However, there's one character who, after appearing in one of the show's darkest episode, has remained controversial: Frank Grimes.

    Played by series mainstay Hank Azaria, Grimes' only starring role was in The Simpsons Season 8's "Homer's Enemy," which was written by John Swartzwelder. Despite a life filled with seemingly endless hardships and trials, Grimes earned a college degree in nuclear physics and was featured in a segment of Kent Brockman's newscast. Following that event, Grimes was offered a position at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant. However, after arriving, Grimes quickly found his opposite in Homer Simpson, the light-hearted buffoon at the center of the series.