• Probably last post for today. Have a great life, everyone! 🌻

    All my life I have been told that I am “too nice.” As though kindness were a finite thing, and that by spreading mine to everyone I met, I was somehow wasting it. Some have called it naiveté, this persistent compassion of mine, but to say I am so callow is to ignore the path that I have walked. The world has tried to teach me cruelty, but I have dug my heels into the soil and refused to bend to its whims. Oh, there have been times where experience has been a brutal teacher. I have been taken advantage of, used for my kindness and then discarded like the peel of an orange that has been squeezed of every last drop of juice. But this will not stop me; if anything, it strengthens my resolve. So do not say that I’m naive, for I know the world is cruel.

    But that does not mean I have to be.

  • Banned

    @nisanuggets That's very well,
    nice to hear. Yeah, there's many types of people in this world, but mostly we will be get merciless people.. Bcoz we find such people ourselves..It's good that you don't become like them, you want to be the way you are..

  • @Katherine K, yes ma'am. I hope you do, too. You are more than the cruelty in this world. 🌻❤

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