Looking for a strict pro ana coach!

  • Please, im kinda desperate at this point- I'm really fat and I need someone to help fix me- meanspo is preferable and i need them to be super strict and controlling.
    We don't have scales so I cant do weight checks but I don't mind body checks, I just need to lose this weight, fast- im willing to do anything.

    Kik: Asciidot

    Age: 15
    Height: 163 cm
    CW: ~68 kg (a lot, i know,,)
    GW: 60kg
    UGW: 53 Kg
    That's for now-
    Please help me!!

  • Please don’t get a ana choach you don’t eat a lot and that’s not healthy at at please be careful do not try anorixia it’s not the right option try working out dieting please don’t I went through that and Bellimia it’s not the right thing you could die there is a high percentage

  • hey ascii. hope you're doing fine. look, I'm actually not gonna be able to help you in the long term, cause I'm so busy at the time. But I have a brother who lost 20 kilos in a month and I lost a little bit of extra fat I had. So I hope as a boy who had experience in this matter, I can give you a few tips and advices over this subject and that you pay attention. First off, you should know that losing weight is too overrated and remarked on as an impossible task. That's why so many people don't even try and the few that do fail in no time. I didn't obsess myself with losing fat so that my mind doesn't interpret the whole thing so hard and impossible. All you really need are two things: 1.losing calories (through any exercise that raises your heartbeat and breathing rate) 2.limiting the calories you take in(take no, I repeat no factory sugar like cakes and sweets. fruit sugar is way better with very little calorie). And finally note that as teenagers we should never forget about the minerals and essentials our bodies need. because we are still growing up. never cut on things like milk and vegetables and necessaries. Me and my brother are both your age and its not anything really hard.

    drink lots of water, and download an app to moderate the amount of water you drink.

    I have registered in this website, so If you needed something I'll be glad to help as much as I can. Good luck.

  • @Ascii send me a dm

    Could you help me please

  • Ascii, message me on Kik: nobodycheck
    and let me help you

  • Soul Searchers

    @Ascii DM me if you need ana coach

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