• In recent decades, the United States of America has become unrecognizable from her glory days. The American people became slaves to the government, foreign parasites, special interest groups, bankers, communist "activists", NGOs, big tech oligarchs, political cowards, and the lying press. And both Democrats and Republicans work for the same globalists who are destroying our freedoms, our traditions, and our sovereignty. The vast majority of Americans no longer have leaders that represent their interests. It’s time to break up the Democrat-Republican monopoly and return America to Americans. Nationalism, not Globalism is what made America Great. It’s time to, threw off the shackles of tyranny and support my candidacy.

  • who wrote this? (you usually like to paste stuff, no offense)

  • @Vicious-Retard Nice promising. Okay, good luck! If you can eliminate your diplomacy, and respect for anyone that looks, thinks, loves and worships differently than you, you'll win. Big league.

  • @Vicious-Retard I know this doesn't come cheap, but I'm sure you qualify :relaxed: Could I ask you to bring such policy which would be good for unpriviliged countries?

  • @kaia_ well the first one has to help his neighbors before helping people from afar

  • @kaia_ albeit my main interest is cooperating with others to liberate the millions of people being held hostile by criminal organizations. Sadly, cities and even entire countries are under the brutal control of gangs in addition to the millions of people who are either addicted to drugs and/or are being trafficked

  • @Vicious-Retard That's very much a combination of many factors. I thought those things only happened in movies.

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