Need a pro ana coach!

  • Hi, I am 16 and need to lose weight! Only stomach pics will be given and nothing else! I need a coach! Will give specifics once contacted!

  • Anorexia is not something to be taken so lightly. It is a serious disorder and though it may seem like a great idea at your age, I promise you this: you will ruin your natural metabolism and it make it more difficult on yourself to loose weight.

    When you force your body into starvation mode, you are telling your body to hold onto every calorie it gets. Eventually, your body will become so paranoid of not getting any calories it will force your metabism to slow down even further in an effort to hold onto any little thing it can keep. The longer you keep yourself from nutrients, the more your body will fight back and it will turn that something of little fat or carbs, into just that in an effort to keep you from dying.

    You want to boost your metabolism, not destroy it. Becoming anorexic is not the way to do it. I was like you many years ago. It took me YEARS to gain back my metabolism and then to be able to speed it up. Do not ruin it, you will regret it.

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