• Henry Lee Lucas was arrested on murder charges and confessed to police that he killed hundreds of people. He later recanted. Lucas was convicted of 11 murders. He was sentenced to 10 life terms and one death sentence. In interviews with law enforcement personnel, Lucas confessed to numerous additional unsolved killings, exaggerating his body count. Recently, Samuel Little, 79, is the most prolific serial killer in U.S. history. To date, Little has confessed to 93 murders. And like Lucus, I do believe he did kill a lot but not as many as he claimed. I would not be surprised if cops fed him information about cold cases so he can take credit. Little can brag about a "high body-count" while the police and shut old cold cases even if Little was not involved. And for the record Sam Little and Henry Lee Lucus are murdered and ought to be executed(sadly Lucus did not get the death he deserved).

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