• One of the world's most notable feats of architecture is the Colosseum in Rome. Opened in 80 CE by Emperor Titus, this massive structure existed solely to entertain the masses with gladiator fights, animal skirmishes, and, at some point, miniature naval conflicts. While it only took the Romans less than a decade to construct the Colosseum, careful calculation and planning were required. Architects and workers put extensive thought into every detail, from the amphitheater's architectural symmetry to its complex underground maze of corridors and capstans.

    For centuries, we have tried to imagine what occurred in the Colosseum, fleshing out a gory fantasy in film and media. For instance, the movie Gladiator, for all its inaccuracies, attempts to create an image of how Romans lived and fought. What we don't see is the grueling work - typically done by enslaved people - it took to put on one of the Colosseum's gruesome shows. Like sex in Ancient Rome, gladiator fights were about power, both of the Roman empire and of individuals. The complexity and grandiosity of the Colosseum's construction helped to assert that power all the more.

  • @Heyyy21 I guess that’s one of the best parts of being an archaeologist. You’re a resourceful person who have lots of good stories about places you’ve been and people you’ve met, always questioning the source of knowledge, see things that another human being has not seen for centuries.. what a pretty cool experiences profession!

  • It's an awe inspiring and haunting place. The architecture and amazing elements of which they were able take a massive structure, fill and drain it of water. But we also get a lesson in insanity, needless slaughter of animals and people 😑

  • Once i had the oppurtunity to climb to a high point for research - it's the largest amphitheatre ever built - it's a magnificent site which shows the power and wealth of Roman Empire

  • @kaia_ thanks for the kind words :) it really is like that and I love it but right now archaeology is mostly about having fights and arguments with local goverments and their ideologies. And sometimes it gets you to point of hating your job. Just like everything money and investment involve in.

  • @Heyyy21 Government intervention happens in almost all field of work. If it is your passion, you should remain consider it as your career. You have the right stuff to be a professor in future and write books that become best sellers :) Who knows you too will become as famous as Indiana Jones :grin:

  • @kaia_ who knows maybe :) i'm pursuing a career as a lecturer and to become a professor is my goal :) i'm an assistant right now.

  • @Heyyy21 Make it happen!!👍

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    @Vicious-Retard Big credit to the 60,000 Jewish slaves for the stone amphitheater completed less than a decade.

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