• For eight years of my pathetic life, I had a compulsion to insert my finger into my anus for gratification and to relieve constipation and excruciating abdominal pain/stomach cramps that eventually led to feelings of guilt, copious amount of blood loss, malnourishment, stinky fingers, not able to defecate normally, and dysphoric emotions. My therapist that I have OCD. Despite knowing that this habit is bad for me and giving advice on how to deal with it I still continue to do this disgusting habit. Ir seems everything including religion, rubber-bands, and medication yet I am still a slave to my habit. It is if there are parasites in my stomach and brain controlling me. I am 23 now and often wish it was my last year. Don't weep for me, I'm already dead.........


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  • fight okay ? god have a plan for you :) be brave i know you can do it :)

  • @Vicious-Retard :crying_face: :loudly_crying_face: :loudly_crying_face: :loudly_crying_face:

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