• In the hunt for physical evidence of Noah's Ark and proof that Moses parted the Red Sea, scholars have shown that science can support Biblical stories. But what about proof of Jesus? Is there physical evidence that Jesus, the alleged son of God and savior of mankind, was a real person?

    Scholars and Christians have debated the reality of Jesus for centuries, searching for proof that Jesus walked the earth two thousand years ago. Some argue that Jesus is a myth, or an invention, rather than a real person. From images, to texts, to archaeological evidence and other physical proof, there is a great deal of evidence that Jesus was real. However, some of this evidence is problematic. At the end of the day, what does the physical evidence show?

    The 1968 discovery of crucifixion evidence shows that it is possible to find physical proof of Jesus's existence. In the search for proof of Jesus in history, there are hundreds of physical objects in Christian churches that have been linked to Christ, from fragments of the cross to the crown of thorns. Many medieval churches even claimed to have found the circumcised foreskin of Jesus. But is this evidence reliable?

    Skeptics point to the changing stories about Jesus in the last 2,000 years, including the shocking history of how Jesus became white. They dismissively claim that the only proof that Jesus is real comes from his own followers, who could have invented the story. But is there evidence of Jesus outside the Bible? It turns out that the answer is definitely yes.


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