• In my every day layout, I carry a pocket knife. And I’m hardly the first person to advocate that all men should carry knives in their daily lives, unless they’re going to a place where they’re explicitly forbidden.

    And why shouldn’t that be the case? Knives are tremendously useful-a cutting tool, a kitchen utensil, an improvised toothpick, spade, or crowbar, and, if need be, a relatively simple and effective to use weapon (it is here that I give the oft-repeated disclaimer that I do not advocate the use of violence unless absolutely necessary, and hope that none of my readers will have to utilize it).

    In addition to a knife’s innate uses, many knives are sold that have a variety of widgets and accessories built into them-my every day carry knife-which was given to me for free in the one Fiverr job that I ever got-has a glass breaking pommel (which I predominantly use as a light-duty nutcracker and on one unfortunate occasion a Yawara stick), a “seatbelt cutter” (I fail to see why you would need that if you already have a knife, but whatever), serrated saw tooth edges (which I find mostly pointless for reasons I will describe below), and a flint rod to be used as a firestarter in conjunction with the steel of the blade. Many knives have a lot more features (such as the famous Swiss Army and Leatherman multitools), to the point where the actual blade looks tiny and ineffectual compared to the other rigmarole.


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