The Internet Is Freaking Out Over This Perfectly Normal Pulsating Mass of Sewer Worms

  • Some corners of the internet are in a bit of a tizzy after a Texas resident allegedly discovered a writhing, brain-like mass of worms in a puddle following several days of rainfall.

    According to Pen News Agency, the man found the worms outside an apartment block in Houston, and thought about killing it he was so grossed out.

    You can see the mass of worms in the Pen News Agency footage below:

    While it looks like something alien, masses of worms such as those seen in the video are undoubtedly a real phenomenon.

    Most famously, another blob of such worms went viral in 2009, when they were discovered in a North Carolina sewer.

    However, they are not - as some proposed - weird alien worms. The explanation is a lot more mundane.

    What you're seeing is likely a tangle of segmented worms known as Tubifex worms, which are related to the earthworms you find in your garden.

    Their habitats are a bit different, though - they are relatively common in the soil around waterways and bodies such as rivers, lakes and sewers.

    Like earthworms, they feast on detritus, and their common names are just delightful: they are also known as sludge worms, detritus worms, or sewage worms (obviously).


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  • Biology is the best. No end of evolutiounary solutions that we think are 'weird' but have survived already longer than we ever will..

  • @silenceiswisdom I think so.. Many species sometimes evolve backwards then re-evolve and repeat, whether humans judge it good or bad and whether they like it or not. The fact that they appear weird to us is an evolutionary survival instinct. Evolution has no goal. Whatever survives, survives.. 🙂 But still we can create better solutions after a few solutions never worked

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