• This one is adult kinda. I won a contest with it. We where given random videos to choose from
    My video was by My Immortal.

    I feel so empty and deprived.
    With out a taste of you i am not alive.

    Come on give me more of the same.
    I only know your lips, not your name.

    Your venomous posion running through my veins.
    The kinda of pleasure I take to my grave.

    I am alive as you dig into me.
    Tearing my flesh as you please

    With my tounge I taste your grace.
    As you keep me in one place.

    I want deney as your hips burn my eyes.
    I am addicted to the pleasure, love and lies.

    I want more, more and more.
    When your on your knees.
    That is what I beg you for.

    You take whats mine as you spit in my eyes.
    Then you beg me to take you from behind.

    I pull your hair and you smack my taste.
    You roll over and get in my face.

    You look in my eyes as I confide.
    I love calling you my **** deep inside.

    As u put my hands around your neck.
    We both know this is the best.

    As we get ready to collide.
    Our love so deep inside.

    We are addicted to Pleasure, Love and Lies

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