Sex Education should be taught from school levels. So here's a little for you.

  • So, I have mentioned quite a few times that sex education is very important. Now, it may sound to some of you that you are already receiving sex education classes, so why should I read this again. Well, this is to emphasize the importance of sex education and also because some people receive little to no sex education at all.

    There are so many things in detail to discuss about sex education but I'm just going to skim it down.

    1. GOOD TOUCH, BAD TOUCH: The victim may not necessarily be a girl. You must respect your own body and make sure that everyone else does too. Touching you near the genitalia and the upper abdomen is bad - unless given consent. And you should be able to speak up and avoid such a situation if you aren't able to speak up. But you should not normalize it and get used to it.

    2. CONSENT: Anything related to privacy regards consent. That includes uploading someone's picture on the internet without their permission. So when you are having sex, you should do it because you want to, and not to please your partner. If they are not understanding, then get a new partner. LOL. But on a more serious note, if your partner is not ready to have sex yet, you should be able to give them the space that they need. This way, if and when you do have sex, you will both enjoy it.
      There is also a different kind of consent - age of consent. The minimum age required for a major to have sex with the other person. In most places, it is 18. Though, there are a few states in USA where it is 16 and lower in a few other countries. Simply stated, if you are 18 or over, it is illegal to have sex with a person below the age of consent.

    3. LGBTQ: It's okay to be any way that you like. If you like boys, like boys; if you like lesbians, like lesbians. The point is, you, and only you, are entitled to choose who you want to or don't want to love. And maybe, initially it may be hard for you, but hey, you only got one life.

    4. VIRGINITY, PREGNANCY AND ABORTION: It is a myth to have sex only after marriage. You can have sex with anyone, provided you both fit the age of consent requirement. But as long as that's there, it's okay to have sex. Sex doesn't have to be with a loved one only. You may just be experimenting, and that's okay.
      I specifically want to talk about teen pregnancy. If you can't reach out to you parents, girlfriend/boyfriend, because you think they won't be as supportive, you can always chat anonymously with experienced people on the internet or refer to the website - where you may find what you are looking for.
      Abortion is absolutely okay as well. No one has any right to judge you for it. It is your decision to do what you want when you get pregnant. You have three choices:

    • Parenting

    • Abortion

    • Adoption

    What you choose is up to you and what is right for you. I hope this read is/will be useful for you. I am open to questions if you have any. So, please, ask away. And if there's any inspiring story you'd like to share, be welcome.

    Hope you liked the post! 🙂

  • @AllAboutGay I'm not sure if you're mocking I'm sorry, but I don't agree with you. I mean, obviously not in my case, but if the siblings and parents are okay with it, go ahead. And with animals and infants it really can't be consensual. Because they can't speak....... So don't do it

  • @AllAboutGay Yes. And I oppose them too. So yeah

  • @Hellloooooooo as a virgin guy I have nothing to add about it 😂😂😂😂

  • tws gay club but no homo

    @Hellloooooooo You should also mention that it is absolutely okay to have consensual sex with animals,infants,siblings,parents,objects etc using contraceptive measures to achieve sexual freedom for people of many different orientations ❤

  • tws gay club but no homo

    @Hellloooooooo said in Sex Education should be taught from school levels. So here's a little for you.:

    And with animals and infants it really can't be consensual. Because they can't speak.......

    If animals and infants are not reluctant it means that sex is consensual. Bestiality along with necrophilia is a beautiful orientation. Many people for no good reason oppose these beautiful sexual practices.

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