Wild West Ghost Town: Homes still contain belongings that were left there years ago

  • “Gold! Gold! Gold from the American River!” Echoing through the streets of San Francisco in 1849, these were the words of Samuel Brannan, one of America’s first gold prospectors, distinguished businessmen, and prominent journalists.

    Screaming, yelling and waving a bottle of gold dust like a mad man, Samuel, the founder of California Star, is considered the first man to publicize California’s Gold Rush.

    His many articles about the discovery of gold at Sutter’s Mill in the western Sierra foothills that same year dragged men and women in abundance to California.

    Prospectors from across the States and all over the world rushed with their picks, shovels, and gold pans to some of the most remote corners of the state. Searching for deposits, loose flakes, and gold nuggets, hoping to be the first to put their hands on the gold that was now free for the taking.


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