‘Day of reckoning’ — Joseph DeAngelo admits guilt in Golden State Killer murders, rapes

  • Forty-five years after murdering his first victim, Joseph James DeAngelo admitted Monday he was the Golden State Killer: serial killer, serial rapist and author of one of the worst crime sprees in California history.

    Seated in a wheelchair, looking frail and speaking in a thin, squeaky voice, DeAngelo entered a string of guilty pleas during a painstaking, hours-long hearing in a Sacramento State ballroom that was converted into a courtroom for the occasion.

    DeAngelo, 74, admitted to a 12-year binge of murder, rapes, burglaries and other crimes from the Sacramento area to Orange County that captivated the world and garnered him a multitude of nicknames: Golden State Killer, Visalia Ransacker, Original Night Stalker and, as he was known in Sacramento, the East Area Rapist.


  • Soul Searchers

    I'm sure that Satan has a special place waiting on him. However was any amount of luck whatsoever God will get a hold of him first. Vengeance is mine saith the Lord. Amen

  • One Woman Army Sarah's Fan Club

    thank god he was finally caught. what an absolute degenerate

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