• last night, i was about to end my sad life with a knife. But luckily something stopped me from doing it. And rn i just badly need someone.


    Hey what happend? You know what my life has been terrible too and I have had many moments of suicide but having love for my family and bestfriends keeps me going and if you don't have anyone that loves you I'll be your new friend... So if you ever feel like it you can come talk to me and we can share each others thoughts and hopefully we can become friends... Its up to you I know your feeling sad right now so you might not want to talk about... stay strong 😊😊🤗🤗🤗😍

  • Don't do suicide dude.Just stare into sky for a long time and you will find inner peace or if you want to talk it out I will help you.if it is really severe just see a docter.think about your family everynow and then too.

  • I have just lost my little brother from the hands of an officer. Just before his 26th bday, 1 year off heroin and the the streets. I will never stop thinking of him. My brother and I both struggled with mental health, self harm ect. Please know your sad hopeless times are not permanent. You are worth it. Smile take a breather, and idk man have a beer. Life is good

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