A Confession of Faith by Saint Peter Mohila, Metropolitan of Kiev (1633-47)

  • How can someone be a saint in one Orthodox Church and dismissed as a minor heretic in another Orthodox Church? In 1996, the Orthodox Church had a new saint, Petro Mohyla (Peter Mogila or Petru Movila), Metropolitan of Kyiv and All-Rus. He was canonized by the Orthodox Churches in Ukraine, and is glorified as a saint in the Russian Orthodox Church as well as the Romanian Orthodox Church. And yet, the Church of Greece does not recognize Mohyla as a saint. Why? What is it about this bishop of the seventeenth century that is so controversial, that he is not glorified by the entire Orthodox world? This short work on the life of Mohyla concentrates on his controversial Orthodox Confession of Faith, a catechesis, which was approved by several Ecumenical Patriarchs of Constantinople as well as numerous Patriarchs of Moscow. Included in this work, is an analysis of Mohyla’s Euchologion (Trebnik) which also contains several controversial practices.


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