Mental Health: Am I A Joke To You?

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    It was not aeons before one heard about the first suicide on Earth. It is a shameful fact for humanity that people every second are falling prey to this vicious parasite by the name 'depression', alias anxiety. A lot of people have reasons which a lot of people conveniently don't wish to listen to, which causes a further debt in mental stability. Shall you ever wish to help someone, all you need to do is listen. Speak only when required.
    Suicides are becoming ever so common in the metropolis, and it is a very surprising figure which comes into view when you visit the statistics of homicides or suicides.
    We need to change. Open our eyes. Be the lights for those who wander upon the unfamiliar path of life.
    Before it's too late. What do you think? How can you impact others to make them feel better?

    (By no means, was this me tryna enact being a leader or anything, it's just an honest opinion, straight from the heart 🙂 )

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