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    Cans for cash is student council funded program. The scheme works like this if you look on the back of any plastic bottle or can u will either see or not see a thingo saying refund for 10 cents. If the bottle or can says this, this then means you can chuck it in our metal cage jus next to the tuckshop this was built by the groudforce team i would like to thank Mr stone and all the Groundforce students for their contribution as well. The lowdown is all plastic bottle when they are chucked in they have to be completely empty and the lid need to be off the bottle for it to count. We are entrusting students to do the right thing and not muck around with this. Cause this is a fantastic opportunity for the school to benefit from such a small scheme like this. So make sure you do your part and make our school great. Authorised by queensland nanango state high school. Enjoy the rest of your day peace out. I wrote this for our school tried to make it a little humorous and entertaining seen as i have to read this out in front 500 people at my school. So honestly what do u guys think i really would appreciate any feedback☺Cheers peace James out👌✌

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