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    Renowned for his technical skilled abilities on the field and his creativity.
    This man had lost his dad when he was 8 when his dead fell and hit his head and drowned in thier pool.
    This then sparked Ronaldinho to be the man he is today. He then slowly became great from the age of 13 when he single handedly defeated a team with 23-0 scoring all 23 goals himself he is very well known for his exceptional first touch; due to his pace, acceleration, agility, athleticism, balance, ball control, and dribbling ability, he was capable of beating players when undertaking individual runs, while he often used a vast array of tricks and feints to get past opponents in one on one situations, including step overs and nutmegs. He was also known for incorporating flashy moves such as back–heels, bicycle kicks, and no–look passes into his general gameplay. He is One of the coolest players in pressure situations" and a "fast, brash, skilful, tricky, an uninhibited playmaker" who provides "a mix of goals, assists, skills and a large repertoire of crafty moves. He is also largely known for his abilty to make the opponents look like such children. This is the man who inspires my passion for Soccer and Futsal. This man gives this sport entertainment he allows me to find the fun in this sport his cheekiness in the game and also having the abilty to be constantly happy and stay motivated without any help is amazing. This is my idol. Ronaldinho i love ya man. Thank you all for letting me share this with you have a great day guys. Peace James out ✌

    Hes a 13 minute vid to show why i love this guy so much.

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