How far I have fallen

  • @Wicked_


  • I've read this and it is beautiful.
    I like the feel maybe cause it relates
    a bit more than it should. Bravo keep them coming lovely write.

  • @Wicked_ u know what I humbley request you to write about a giggle , laugh ,funny .. or the day you laughed hard forgetting whole Surroundings ..
    A thought came across that now white writing, as far I know what ever this new age poet had all recycled inexperienced pain which do not have weight of feeling or pain !! Also I know no one wrote a poem of sad because of being happy .. so ever thought about it to try something which never tried by some past as we know ??

  • @knownsense i used to write lots of poetry. 99% of it came from pain. Are you familiar with the term catharsis? Sad poems ARE happy because they give the writer momentary relief from the dark thoughts which hound them. Vast amounts of art comes from the darkness which consumes us. I mean for instance would you ask, say, Mazzy Star to sing an upbeat disco song? You're missing the point here imo

  • @Scottish I do agree my friend it comes from pain but it's do not have weight with this new age long poem like a story .. and I did mention earlier it recycled also inexperienced borrowed have a just a glance of pain not really experienced one.. That's what the point was about new age too cool poets !! Before poet used to write for themselves and the experience they gain all in four or 6 lines.. now it's s story to elebrate 6 line not skilled or experienced

  • @knownsense poetry has always come in all shapes and forms. I agree, it's a subjective experience, personal to the individual, you either relate or you don't, that's the beauty of it for me. One line of poetry can really sort your head out. Claire has written a bunch of stuff that speaks to me. But the poet who fixed my head lots as a teenager was Louis Macniece. That guy was profound and insightful. And if he was around today I'm convinced he'd be a rapper, his words just flow!

  • Animal Lovers LurkersForLife

    @linear Among the dark shadows,
    Within these castle walls,
    I have been waiting for a long time,
    Feels like an eternity,
    But I will stay here forever,
    Day and night,
    Till the day it comes,
    To steal me away,
    With its cold blue wind,
    Breathing on this wounded heart,
    All my strength and will be pulled by this wind,
    Far away over the seas, over the land,
    To wherever it wants,
    To wherever it desires,
    Away from this world.

  • @Chaibale it's good you hear it, my prince,
    a roaring ocean force, about to hit,
    forty-one million square miles of it.
    white poem seems a lazy choise somewhat,
    your words straighforwatd and default,
    and if I were to share
    what I think of this
    my mouth would
    most surely need a rinse.

  • Animal Lovers LurkersForLife


    I remember, vividly so,
    When my mind fell apart at the seams,
    But I still could see,
    There was something picturesque about that place,
    Even in an open space,
    Your emotions had an reverberation,
    And there you are,
    Out there without care,
    Having the time of your life,
    But all I ask of you
    Think twice, you only live once,
    That's my only advice,
    Who do you think you are?
    Do you really think you are in control?
    You and I are not so different,
    When I was little,
    My heroes were mere mortals who had the heart to lose their lives out on a limb,
    Ever since then, it looked like fun,
    I was willing to die when I'm done
    Even if it wasn't my time,
    Maybe I'm just delirious,
    Maybe you're delirious,
    Maybe we're delirious,
    Or it's probably just me..

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