We need to change our mindset!

  • So, this is a very sensitive topic and needs to be dealt with, very carefully. The fact that males predominantly are in the work place needs to change. Now, I say this with complete equality.
    It is a fact through out the world that men get paid better for the same job and also are present in larger numbers than women (again, not all branches of work.) And really, what should we do about it? Now, there are some of us whose parents both have jobs, which is a good thing.
    I'd also like to point out that if you're shit rich and you don't need to work, then, by all means, suit yourself. I'd say that they'd have to work too, but that topic's for another day.
    Now, the sensitive part comes where women are called to be less powerful or less capable, in other words. And to an extent, we normalize it because of all that we've been through for centuries, that we've gotten used to it. One of my theories as to why women perform lower intellectually (I only speak statistically, because I for one want to be smart and believe that I possess the average person's knowledge) is because of the centuries that they had been deprived of education and freedom. Now, I'm not blaming people in the present for it, but we must do something to stop it.
    If you ever read my previous posts, you'd know that I talk with strangers online and well, sort of test them or heck, perform social experiments. Now, most people there are fine. They're nice, they might have different kinds of thoughts inside but don't voice them out in the open because they are taught about the sensitivity of the issue. Now comes the part with the ignorant. The intolerant.
    Now as much as I want to be uptight and cynical and all that, I find myself in to romance. So when I am talking to strangers, I tend to tag love and look for a nice guy interested in the same topic too.
    But sometimes, in the midst of deep conversations, there are some people who think that it's okay for them to have "their share of fun" (if you know what I mean) but don't like when women have fun. And I for one always thought Cyndi Lauper's Girls Just Wanna Have Fun was extremely sexist, but when you take it in this way, it doesn't at all. So, girls just wanna have fun too.
    Or when a man is intimated by a women of comparatively more intellect. Why do men have to be the smart ones? Now, obviously you have to keep reminding yourself that I don't speak about everyone. It's just the people who do get intimated that need to be set right.
    And the thought doesn't exist just to males. Some females are used to "the men are outside, women for household". Sounds very 20th century, but it is still a thought of women these days. I think that irrespective of your gender - man, woman, gay, bi - you should be able to be independent emotionally and financially to a certain extent. Yes, we are social animals and we tend to socialize and get emotional and what not? But irrespective, that certain extent is what we must work towards.
    Anyways, that's that.
    I'd love to hear your opinions, so please comment below.

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