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    Sooooo~ how are y'all I'm alright, if anyone of y'all are new here I want to welcome you to this community there are many nice people here but just look out for the bad ones I'm always open for a chat and I'm one of the good ones hehehe oh right lemme introduce myself-

    I'm jady/jayden I'm 14 and I enjoy making new friends I can sometimes be inspiring and weird but also kind and sweet and I guess I could say cute but I can be whatever I choose to be, my fave colours are baby blue lilac white and black, my past is bad but I'll get onto that later I can read minds, trust me, and I can just be myself, people often say to me, your a girl act girly act proper, but I don't listen to them I can do anything, your, your own boss no one else is you choose the way you want to live your life


    I don't socialise at all but, oh well 😂 I'm known as the clown or something because I always make people happy or laugh but I ain't one of those circus clowns bleh

    I have 3 brothers and 2 sisters so 5 siblings I'm adopted so there not really family but they at to me the reason im adopted it followed onto my backstory Which most of my friends (on here) know about im self conscious but they make me feel confident because
    Well idk but they're a lot of great friends like

    And a lot more but my hands hurt but I'm bored so I'm doing dis whether I like it or not lol

    But over recent events like corona i cannot go anywhereeee like the shops are press conference said I might be able to go to the park but with people within my house hold and it's annoying being shielded and the protesters in USA it's just one big mountain of things I mean BLACK LIVES MATTER PEOPLE ✌✌✌

    But let's move on I guess!

    So my past, right I'll try to make it short

    I used to be abused badly and my sister died when I was 9 she was 16 and I had to watch i was chased round the house with a knife and was abused because of many reasons I'm still called a freak, monster, freak show, ugly, fat all those shitty names but do I let them bring me down, no, no I don't becaUse I know I'm beautiful

    Anyway im from Canada originally then to Austria then to Australia then to UK so I've lived in many countries but my fave one is Canada because of the snow, polar bears Niagara falls and the northern lights it's all beaituful

    Well ima head of now I hope we can be friends UwU

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