• I am 23 years old man who lives his elderly parents in a small town in northern Nevada. I never really got a job and although it's almost been a year since I've got my license I'm still a terrible driver. I never kissed the girl and I only dated once online with a woman that never met from the Philippines. As for sex, the most I ever had was a bad encounter with a prostitute. I suffer from low self-esteem that is almost [masochistic. I have no idea how are how to find a girl.I am too nervous to use online dating because I'm afraid to get catfished. Also most dating sites require pay in order to message. So where and how do I do I find a potential girlfriend.


  • @Vicious-Retard You kinda have two main options.

    The first is give the online thing a go. Sure, you might get catfished, and that is a risk we all take. The genuine girls on dating sites run the risk of meeting fakes there too, but if you aren't willing to gamble for anybody else then why should anyone else do the same for you? All you can do is try to stay safe, don't be silly giving too much personal info out too soon, get to know people, and see where things go. If nothing else the socialisation should be a great opportunity for practicing communicating with prospective partners. Be yourself and the right people will come to you. You may find more fakes on unpaid sites but there are definitely genuine people on them too, so put yourself out there - if you start to get on with somebody they will understand your fears if they are worth your time, and perhaps have fears of their own.

    Your other option is to go out into "the real world" and see who you meet. Join a club or social gathering group, not necessarily a dating one, and see if you meet someone you have a connection with. This is currently much harder than usual thanks to Covid-19, but usually the best approach. Relationships tend to find you when you create opportunities without actively pushing or looking for them. But you must create those opportunities, and let the universe do her thing.

    If you are open to male partners too then that is great, but you will still likely have to do one of the two things I've just mentioned. Best of luck.

  • Thank you

  • I agree with the other person. Gotta give effort to have someone put their effort on you. Good luck dude :)

  • @Vicious-Retard You're placing obstacles yourself now. You are allowed to do that, but don't make the mistake of assuming others will perceive you the same way or share the same values you do. Age is only relevant if you let it be. "Masculinity" is too. Not every woman is going to be looking for a masculine guy who appears his age of 23. The most successful relationships come unexpectedly, between people who weren't seeking anything so specific and find their true connection is more than skin deep or age-defined.

  • Update:
    I thought about going for men since I occasionally get curious and also it seems like more men are attracted to me than women (I don't think manyY women find me attractive)

  • come asia. many asian girl will wanna be your potential gf

  • idk I dont have any facial or body hair. I am not very masculine(probably low t). I am not sure any girl would lower to me. Might just try men albeit it is against my religion

  • @Matt_Aranha Also I look under 18 when I am. 23

  • @Vicious-Retard It would be better for your emotional health to not get into extra-marital relationships.

    But I also think that you are trolling

  • @Moshiach not married

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