• Since the early days of European settlement of Australia, there have been stories of strange monsters lurking in remote areas of the outback. Perhaps the most interesting of all monsters believed in during this era is the Bunyip. There is no one common theme among stories of this beast, apart from it being found near bodies of water, and it being incredibly dangerous to humans. This is the true story of the Bunyip, it's history and it's legend.

  • @Vicious-Retard Better go jump in some swamps to find out :)

  • It's a mythological creature from the past like Bigfoot, Yeti, Loch Ness.. I have heard of the Bunyip being one of those classic Australian myth to scare kids from going near the river. Some say it's not real. But who knows? Since half of the aboriginal myths were found to look closely like some of the creatures back then so the bunyip is probably a creature they saw from the old times. @Vicious Retard have you seen them? How many skulls have been found?

  • @kaia_ I never seen the skulls. I heard they did not find any bones of the bunyip

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