I'm an idiot...

  • @knownsense do post my dan info already instead of running that mouth? you cant? i have my phone in my hand so give me a call right now. do you even know my fuckign area code for my phone? at least give me that. is your techie friend really your lil brother in the other room? it takes 72 hrs for you to get someone to help you? my god you are more a clown than i thought initially. you have nothing and whatever you do get, you can do nothign with anyway. please show up one day on my doorstep. give me a reason. now ....because you continue rambling this same shit with no results I AM IGNORING YOU. you are officially too
    boring to care about anymore

  • @mikeJB want my ip? FIRE AWAY!

  • @mikeJB I told you your I p address will be there in the post , now it is right ? So think about it only with my words I made you to do things for me yeah .. so why should I waste my time??不不不不不 like a teenage boy you didn't grow up brother , u are stuck all you can feel good Infront of these teenage not with me , you sound like a 13 year old kid whitey boy
    Wakey wakey boy back to back , back to reality !!!

  • @knownsense I JUST GAVE YOU MY IP CHUMP. even more pathetic it takes you 3 fkn days to get an IP???????????? what a tool. indian techie knowledge lol

  • @mikeJB didn't I tell you 72 hours dumb fuck cum face, secrets kept as it is whitey boy

  • @knownsense so you cant do this shit yourself? need some wanker friend of yours to help? you have NOTHING and you know it and even if you did, cant do shit from where you are anyway. get your ass on a plane and come shake my hand. lol. make your plane ticket a one way trip. so ill wait 72 hrs for more laffs. hopefully by then you will have offed yourself

  • @knownsense you dont need 72 hrs, here moron

    corvalis , oregon

  • @mikeJB wonderful !! 不不不不 I told my words are enough to get what I want so I did , I no need to do anything to you and you will do all of it for me , my words are enough for you .. so now go read your post about my tongue you proved it mike you are hanging your self upside down and spitting up on your own face 不不不不不不不

  • @knownsense i have never seen anyone babble more incoherent bullshit than you in my whole life. DROP DEAD

  • @mikeJB angry child why are you so ignorant Baba ?? Why like this ?? With whom Baba ? For what Baba ask yourself

  • @knownsense talk to me again the day you can form a COMPLETE COHERENT SENTENCE

  • @mikeJB my nonsense got some sense to you isn't ??不不不不不不I feel like that I am talking toy nephew now he is much brighter than you white boy 不不不不不不不

  • @mikeJB get a fix!!! Get a grip!! And have some life!! 不不不不不不不不不不well I send you a post card from Saudi

  • @mikeJB question is why did you fall for my incoherent blabber ?? 不不不不不

  • @knownsense my last statement in regards to you. i have met all kinds of chat asshats in my lifetime. you make threats you cant even come close to backing up. my info! lol i just gave you half to make it easy and you are still babbling away. you are without a doubt the biggest internet troll i have ever come across. and just like a bug i am stepping on you and moving on. bye clown boy

  • @mikeJB learn more about Buddha

  • @mikeJB white boy , a thought came across that , you are not a man at all, don't have balls to talk to me in your blog or post. you don't have real friends or a partner or soul mate who call you every day and ask about you.. no others way of entertainment than tws, I want to say to you I am enjoying your talks and I am learning too with you and zapped people like you exist too 不不不不不which I didn't came across at all in my whole life, may be you joined this site when you are in your twenties .. forgot yourself you are a grown up man now and still wired to get teenage girls when you were teenage.. now you ego is hurt because of me.. so please come to your blog, throw all your clutter idea s there ok I can take it all of it not feeling anything..
    u admit that no one like you old white boy and they consider your experienced bull shit talk and make sense or non sense it's up to them..this is the reason no one posted anything about nonsense which you took seriuos 不不不不不
    I promise you no one will join you or me between us..
    I look up to all being, teenage and under age as me my female or male version. I admit these kids are my younger future fast and quick version of me and I appreciate it and have a huge respect for all teenagers here smarter than me and I sound so stupid some time reading Thier idea and maturity keep it up boys and girls

  • @Bill-Dhivid it's for a people who are ignorant , can't see ego at all not for this fellow, he did from whole heart and admitted to himself , not by some Buddha speach, gouthama himself told that don't follow me be like Buddha !!

  • This is cringe af, even without the moronic English ughhh

  • @knownsense that's what buddha says,
    But you need sources not just to initiate learning but to nourish it too. So keep learning more and more from wherever you can.

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