• ill try and make this quick but i am interested in what others think. i have been on YT and reddit and liveleak. all kinds of places i prob shouldnt have, as well on the net. one thing i always run into and can never understand WHY ARE THERE ALWAYS SUCH CRUEL COMMENTS????

    it could be about a damn kid killing himself, or a rape, or whatever. esp on liveleak. over there, they mock and get off on others' murder. but i just wanna know what makes commentors so fucking evil and distasteful? they always find suffering of others funny!

    i watched a vid of a komodo dragon eating a deer alive and the damn thing for 3 min is alive while it's stomach hangs out. someone like me, who has a heart and empathy, is sitting waiting for the deer to die already so it isnt in pain anymore. but what else do i see? comments like "mafia style, you shouldnt have snitched"! or "cool, man that had to hurt, oh well, dinner time!". what makes you people on the internet so fucking heartless?

    maybe im just a sappy wimp with too much emotion. but i would rather be that than a fucking sick, shamless soul who waits for the misery others to comment on. i sometimes think the worst thing i ever did in life is discovery the internet and hop on the ride. there might have been some fun along the way, but just like a ride at the amusement park, it also makes me you puke and your stomach turn

    guess it's my own fault for thinking my fellow man has some good in them

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