• 1.) When the mouse trap actually catches a rodent and I have to hear his little cries.

    2.) When someone I like suddenly disappears without notice or reason.

    3.) Being reminded of how hard it is to let go of someone that you could never truly stop loving.

    I'm sure there are others of smaller worth, but those are my top three.

  • Draw Rangers ABOOBS

    @NewtTrouble these shall be under title β€œthings that hurt me the most β€œ

  • @mf_-DEXIEEEE I do not understand. What is the difference? Do they not both create feelings of pain? Wouldn't hurt be more physical than mental?

  • @NewtTrouble When I present some sincere topic and someone doesn't understand it and discards it, it pinches me on the inside 😞

  • @GreyWind I think that has to do with communication or lack of. Some individuals have a higher level of intelligence and understanding while others struggle with simple social interactions and are incapable of connecting the dots and may even have trouble asking for one to rephrase your words in fear of looking foolish so instead they back off and pretend it never happened.

    Sometimes it could be as simple as there wasn't anything to add to the conversation so they didn't. Occasionally, I am guilty of this. I am not fond of one liners and will find myself nodding in agreement to myself and moving on instead of simply saying/writing, "Agreed." To avoid becoming that of which I am not fond of.

    It is quite discouraging though to be left in the dark and it can bring forth sadness because the connection was lost without knowing the reason behind it.

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