• I am a 22 year old deadbeat from a small town who never had a job due to the fact that no one is stupid enough to hire me. I am living with my elderly parents who aren't really abusive but are volatile and domineering. I am have an useless associat es in applied science for crimnal justice. Obviously, this is not really an accomplishment because even someone with an IQ of 80 like me can graduate. And although I was always stupid everyday I'm becoming more stupid (see link above) which will make things more hard. I also am seeing a therapist for OCD and taking meds. Also I got on trouble for spring nudes online and whining about how much I am a loser. And I got in trouble for making edgy jokes, expressing my right wing options, and threatening people. So what should I do%)


  • make the best out of what you have. stop looking for worldly glory or even success. just do something meaningful. there is enough meaningful to do. if you have no job, go to a charity and help people who are actually in a bad place – in contrast to you – once corona has passed that is ofc...

    Just an option i guess :shrug:

  • @Vicious-Retard Yes maybe sometimes it's sucks, because life isn't a bed of roses. There's war, starvation, bad times, and death. But still there's love from family and friends. Smile. Life is beautiful. Not perfect, not by a long shot, but far better than nothing. Hope for the best while prepare for the worst.

  • i am good

  • @pe7erpark3r i want to see a doctor and parents wont let me. i am such a little bitch

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