• Pandilla de Pandas Freedom Writers

    Gia by M.P

    ” *Gia, oh Gia, how sweet art thou?

    When I am ‘ere with you, my world is complete, how have I lived without you?

    The birds sing, the dear bleat, nature is beautiful, but nothing can compare to the radiance which you emit.

    My heart longs, my spirit wanders, my soul searches, but when I am w’ith you I am profound.

    I wish only to be with you, you are the stars to my sky, the sight to my eyes, the comfort to my soul.

    Oh Gia, how sweet truly art thou. “*

    Isn't it sweet? I was his Gia before he went psycho and MIA. If you're familiar with this poem, it's probably you who made it, you arsehole.


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