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    Nah jk, I'm just acting like the media
    Now that I have your attention,
    mind giving a read?


    Another day, another day
    Notes, and pen, and paper, and chores
    Clubs and dates, and activities galore
    The petals on my rose are wilting fast
    Dry in the corner, It resembles my past

    Memories still leave my ever counting days,
    For this itself, is one special thing
    The beauty of growing stays
    Persists through forgetfulness
    Provides us with bliss, and nothing less
    Whom may be the scholar this time,
    To conclude as to why my rose has repressed

    May it be task, and uneven ground?
    Battling demands that make my head pound?
    Stifling my stress if it dare make a sound,
    Reminding me if schedules of which I am bound?

    Maybe it be love, and endearing affection
    Passion and reflection,
    Contemplation of rejection,
    All thoughts powerful, without care of protection

    Whatever may lurk the halls,
    And mark my walls,
    And mark on record every one of my falls,
    Whatever the case may be,
    Whatever has chosen to burden,
    Whatever is behind the curtain,

    I am still me,
    One hundred percent, for certain


    We both are young, in heart and mind
    Yet you are old, and I am new
    to the many stories we share together
    Of the many I forget, and the few that I knew
    These memories I find

    Embracing our past, we both do best
    Curled against a wall, our notes to our chest,
    You speak of your future, I speak of my past,
    We think about each other
    as time continues fast

    Now memories begin to fade away
    As you speak of who you may be one day
    I'm dreaming about all that I had used to be
    A little boy untouched by the world
    Living happily and free

    I miss when I win me
    Filling nearly every day with glee
    Yet now the time has come
    to peer into the mirror, and see

    I am who I am today,
    I'm greater than I was,
    I'm past, present and future,
    And I welcome you to stay


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