Advice on social skills

  • @martin488 I was referring to your statement about human beings needing to socialize when they require help - Its a trait required to survive as a species since when we wore nothing but animal hide.

  • @SquishyPoTATo yeah, I mean I might need help in future, not just me everyone will, its kind of impractical that in your whole life you are able to be independent, I mean to some degree you can be independent but sometimes choosing not to be independent and letting it go is better for you as well as others, and I currently see myself to be some kind of "screw that I'll do it all by myself" guy

  • Global Moderator

    @martin488 To be social you need to learn how to expand your comfort zone,slowly..If you feel like talking then speak out, if not then be in silence coz nothing is wrong with it.. Hopefully this goes well for you.

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