• kindly tell me how the hell you think it is ok to play in a sport not of your gender? and how you even can assume that is fair at all?? society is not gonna bend all the damn rules for you people. you really beleive a MALE BOY WRESTLER should have to compete with OTHER FEMALE GIRLS IN THE SAME SPORT??????? in what fucking world did you come from? kinda wish you could create your own damn island land and do whatever the hell you wish!

  • I heavily disagree with the notion of "damn trans people". Even more I disagree with the notion of all the trans people being evil, as if there was such a thing as group guilt. I'm pretty sure that most trans people would never be that unfair.

    You need to identify the real culprit here: it's not the trans people, it's the trans activits, who are often not LGBTI+ themselves... and well those former men who actually compete in female sports.

    I wonder how in the world these people don't realize, that what they are doing is actually fighting women's rights and destroying women's sports. How can one hate women so much, that they would legalize defeat of women through using the physical strength of a man?

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