St Philoumenos: The Guardian of Jacob's Well

  • Our video about St. Philoumenos, the guardian of Jacob’s Well. St. Philoumenos was the Igumen of the Orthodox monastery of Jacob's Well near the city of Samaria, now called Nablus (Neapolis), in the West Bank and was martyred on Nov. 16th,1979. His life is a reminder both that martyrdom for Christ is not of the past from the Roman Empire or Communist times, but is a reality even in our own day. The Lord allows for the creation of martyrs, even during these modern times, and preserves their bodies incorrupt and fragrant, thus declaring to us that He is present in our lives even now performing wondrous works according to His divine will and mercy.

  • @Vicious-Retard said in St Philoumenos: The Guardian of Jacob's Well:



    well, actually martyrdom is not just a reality even in our own day. There was never a greater persecution of christians than today. Every 8 seconds a christian dies because of his faith...

    And like it was in the old days, after the darkest time in the history of mankind (now) will have ended, we will witness a new revival of virtue and goodness. Love will return as love to live among us... Oh how I long to see this time of peace, time of victory for the Lord...

    But before this, horrible things will happen. Very soon now, "the warning" will call many back to the faith. The warning will be a moment where each and everyone of us will see the state of their soul. It was predicted in the 60s by a group of children in Garabandal. So, when it happens, remember that you have read this, and realize what this means. It means that God predicts these things, so that you can feel safe with Him – despite all that happens – and that He wants you with Him, He wants you – the reader – to return to God.

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