Why are teenagers always angry?!

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    Well well we teens are always get treated like kids and children and they expect us to act like adults. Like we cant be both lemme give an example if like you wanna do something they say ur still young and a child don’t do that then after some time “why dont u act like a responsible adults and do something useful “ LIKE HOWW
    In the end people will always judge us so whatever.

  • @Celiaaaa
    I can tell that you are teenager, cause you don’t get it lol. You always have to be responsible, regardless of the age, thats what your parents are trying to adress you. And their phrase “you are not mature enough to do something” means that you still don’t have the knowledge to do that particular thing, cause you are not grown up enough and that makes sense.

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    @Celiaaaa Teens are a growing class of people, who are too old to be treated like a child, but are too little to handle big responsibilities..They are composed of a system comprising of raging androgens and gynogens, which makes them really stand out in the light, in a different identity. Many teens might find, like myself, being treated unfairly by the older and more mature people but that is just because many of our opinions, and thoughts might be felt by us as not bring respected or followed. Idk about others, but I am pretty sure they feel the same too!

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    @Jsmith like my parents they actually think im so mature and i do act like that around them I usually handle every task they give but deep down im actually a kid who might still play hide and seek atm . BUT that wasnt my topic my idea is they sometimes think im an adult who can do anything then after some time they say im a child dont do that

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    @Imduck id rather stay a kid love😂🥺

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    @Celiaaaa Lol that's wayy more fun. Tho.. Lemme spread my wings a bit 🤔🤔...Adults are kinda.. Alone (maybe?) n got huge responsibility.. But deep down they too wanna enjoy life. When they r telling u to be an adult.. Maybe... They r actually caring abt ya?? Could be I'm no adult either 😅😅 n when they r angry n tell ya to be kid.. They r ...well either in a playful mood or.. Trying to keep u from losing.. Maybe Tho 😅😅.
    Tho it's always good to be a kid.. why take responsibility.. when ya can live without them. 😉😉

  • @Celiaaaa i honestly think that it's a good thing us teenagers are treated this way because it is teaching us that we should mature ourselves even though we are not fully adults. according to some scientific studies, the human mind, whether male or female, only begins to reach maturity at the age of 25, and from then on increases in maturity until it peaks at the age of 40. we only start to learn how to become mature during our mid- to late-teenage years, but dont fully incorporate it into our thinking and decision-making until the age of 25

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    @juices i dont have one tho😂

  • Why are teenagers always angry? Again that is something that affects everyone differently. But in you case I think you are talking about age discrimination? It's because while there are some mature teens who would be able to handle adult stuff, there are a lot more immature teens who wouldn't. That's why overall, all teens are treated like kids. By the time you are like 18, there are still some people who are immature, but most are now adults who can be treated as such. I guess they expect you to act like adults so you can develop maturity and be ready for the real world, but also think currently you are not able to handle actual adult situations so they treat you like a kid.

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    @Celiaaaa Lol.. Sooooo. What's ur wish.. Adult or kid?? 🤔🤔😂😂

  • As a thirteen year old, all I can say is fucking HORMONES.

    You’re at an age where school is getting so tough and annoying, you have to pull all nighters doing a bunch of useless homework that teaches you nothing! You only get four to six hours of sleep which makes you even more moody!

    Teenagers are at a page in life where they’re starting to have their own views on life and want to be individuals while still relying on their parents. This will cause them to get easily angry/embarrassed by their parents.

    Add all of this together plus a bunch of science stuff and you get a moody ass teenager that nobody likes

  • @Celiaaaa complete your homework child

  • @Johannes-Julians you have some (emotional?) understanding every single topic.

  • Everyone is angry

  • Soul Searchers

    @Jsmith I delve deep into the topic and answer according to technicality...That's my style of answering any post I reply to😀

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