• i was thinking about this last night. i love sports, mainly watching it. pretty much all of them are now on hold. events cancelled and so on. everyone is mad or what not. maybe this is a blessing. we worry so much about dumb, trivial things. concerts, sports, etc. maybe God is trying to tell us "now you have the time. go spend time at home with your family, go read the Book, go out and take a look at the beautiful night sjy i gave you that you never bothered to look at before" im simply saying we should enbrace this time where the 100 mph world we have always known finally gets to slow down for a time. we can actually take the time to enjoy the things we take for granted. go visit that older relative that you havent bothered to for so long. so many things. we damn Americans have too much shit in front of us to enjoy and yet we then whine when we think we still dont have enough! we are SPOILED ROTTEN! this stick market plummet has just proven more right that capitalism is the worlds biggest pyramid scheme. we all have to contribute for someone else to get richer. now you see when we are all forced to stop buying, look what happens. so many things this virus has caused me to look at and maybe you should, too

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