Education, communication and interaction.

  • Has going to school helped you become educated? Know how to communicate? and know how to interact with people?
    What are your thoughts on these?

  • @ani-anonymous92 Subjectivity is subjectivity. Just as many whom "holds PhDs...belonging to elite class.....behove the most uneducated one." There are also proportion whom enter education as a mean to learn rather than to be taught, your statements clearly biases just the cynical of students and degree holders while dismissing the rest. and since has "belonging to an elite class" ever automatically represent ideals or misrepresent them? Never, only to fools.

    Education facility such as "schools and colleges" are meant to facilitate an environment that promotes learning in their specific field of interest. Engineering, biochemistry, economic, etc etc. Even succeeding philosophy and psychology lectures aren't exactly going to shape a character to be moral. An engineering degree is knowledge base know how of engineering, not morality, philosophy, world issues etc etc.

    Education is not primarily meant to educate a person on "wouldn't be literate people harassing others: in terms of money matters, power/ superiority, sexual misconduct, external appearance or so-called educational degree". It does however gives students opportunity to practice and exhibit their understanding of interacting and communication, which likely will shape their perspectives of which.

    Mentors, parents, role-models whom one look up toward and various experiences of life teaches us these complexity of interacting with others, to slander that education is supposed to complete that for a student is absurd. A person should try to gain life experiences at every slice of life, just because that person is now attending college does not content to fact that he/she will now become a good moral person to your very specific ideals. It also does not automatically mean that other attendees have not already manifest many healthy traits of leadership and kindness prior to stepping foot on campus.

    "So, I think, 'formal education' makes a person literate but only his perception can define the level of his education."
    The level of education for any degree is just what it is, a degree. In no manner does a Harvard degree or any other also determines if the holder is a moral person, exhibit empathy, practices prudence. etc etc. Nor has it ever.

    This overall, is a complexity that is beyond any few paragraphs. Degrees aren't characters, they do not portray nor represent whom a person is nor can it ever as it is only one variable among the countless many that attributes to a person. Instigating that educations should naturally produce more moral leaders is like wishing for those whom grown up to be automatically just and fair in their nature. and that somehow education is the place to learn those understanding of justice and moral.

    "Ideally", one aught not to weight so much emphasis on a degree, one aught not need education facility to learn how to be moral, nor utilize words such as 'behove' in such incorrect manner in attempt to manifest some sort of authoritative voice that knows what he/she speaks of.

  • Glad to join this discussion. Actually, I believe education is the most important thing you can receive, which can bring you the most success in today's society. The right education helps to makes a man perfect. But some people are different, they have a degree and complete higher education but unfortunately, their behavior looks like uneducated. Actually, I am a fresh graduate and now try to enhance my writing skill from- My passion is being as an academic writer and advisor. So I believe Education, communication, and interaction is the most important things to make a successful and meaningful life.

  • Ideally, schools and colleges are meant to educate human beings. But, unfortunately, I have seen people holding PhDs and, perhaps, belonging to the elite class of the society making comments that behove the most uneducated ones. Sometimes people learn how to communicate or interact, as you said, but I bet many of them do not perceive it from within. If "formal education" could really make all the differences, there wouldn't be literate people harassing others: in terms of money matters, power/ superiority, sexual misconduct, external appearance or so-called educational degree. So, I think, "formal education" makes a person literate but only his perception can define the level of his education.

  • All teachers are closet Nazis.

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